S2Life: 2020-21 supplier of Sanapur disinfectant for Atalanta Football Club.


S2Life: supplier of Sanapur disinfectant for the Cortina 2021 Alpine Skiing World Championships.

S2Life: 2020-21 supplier of Sanapur disinfectant for Atalanta Football Club.


S2Life: supplier of Sanapur disinfectant for the Cortina 2021 Alpine Skiing World Championships.


The products of the Sanapur range are VeganOk certified

VeganOk is a European guarantee mark for vegan products. (certification)

It certifies that the product and its packaging do not contain parts of animal origin and respects basic ethical principles such as the defense of animal, human and environmental rights.

Hypochlorous Acid, the active ingredient of Sanapur products, has also been included in the Biodictionary (Biodictionary.it) as a non-toxic and low environmental impact disinfectant ingredient.

This further recognition goes to support what we have ascertained through laboratory tests commissioned to external analysis centers, which certify the non-toxicity of all the products of the Sanapur line.

By purchasing a Sanapur product you can be sure that you are using a 100% natural product that does not harm your person, animals and the environment, thus helping to make the world a better place!

Natural origin and patented

Sanapur: the innovative non-toxic disinfectant that’s safe for the whole family.


Delicate, non-toxic and ready to use

Sanapur Foggy is a disinfectant solution:


Watch the videos to find out all the possible applications.

Sanapur is a product suitable for sanitization through nebulization

The efficacy of the active agent Sanapur for virus removal, including Corona-virus*, has been tested with positive results based on tests complying with the European Standard ISO EN 14476 demonstrating efficacy in less than 1 minute. View the test report European Standard ISO EN 14476.

In accordance with the Italian Higher Institute of Health report on Covid-19 (n. 5/2020 Rev. 2 of 25/05/2020), Sanapur can be used for the sanitization of environments through nebulization.



Who we are

Love for work, ethics, passion, sacrifice, constant pursuit of excellence are the elements that define us and that keep our winning team together.

Our goal is to plan, design and manufacture innovative products in the medical field, with a high-tech content and improving people’s quality of life while fully respecting the environment.

We are not just a team of professionals, our commitment is an oath kept every day that involves who we are, what we do, how we produce, how we take care of the products to always guarantee maximum results.

What guides and animates our days (... and our nights too!) of work, love apart, is the constant pursuit of perfection.

Years of constant research of the best synergy between science, nature and high technology, in the daily overcoming of countless obstacles, always having in mind the first, most important, objective ever: to help man regain well-being in a natural, non-invasive way, without contraindications, in full respect of the environment.

History teaches us that man has never stopped being creative or "inventive".
We’ve chosen to be protagonists, to always be at the center of new challenges, studies and projects, to always find the best solutions.

* Tested to verify the removal activity according to UNI EN standards for hygiene and cleaning products.


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