The disinfectant of the champions

The Cortina 2021 Alpine Ski World Championships have now come to an end and we at S2Life are very proud to have been able to participate as a supplier of Sanapur sanitizer and disinfectant for Sanapur BeSafe sanitation cabins.

A major international event, the first in Italy to use special safety measures to guarantee the health of athletes and the press from all over the world.

During the event, thousands of people passed through the Sanapur BeSafe sanitation cabins, an indispensable practice for accessing sensitive areas and for accreditation.

Made in Italy natural sanitation and reliability

Entirely built in AISI 304 L steel, which can be positioned both indoors and outdoors, the Sanapur BeSafe disinfection booths operate through an atomization / nebulization process of the Sanapur sanitizer which, completely enveloping the person, eliminates any residual traces of viruses and bacteria in seconds.

The detection systems present in the Sanapur BeSafe sanitation cabin, rigorously “no touch“, allow to sanitize hands as they pass and to control the temperature of guests even in wheelchairs without ever having contact with the surfaces of the cabin; a cloud of sanitizing dry fog, delicate on the skin, on clothing and safe even in contact with electronic devices such as cameras, microphones and so on.

Sanapur and BeSafe are the perfect combination of the reliability of Made in Italy technology and the safety of a disinfectant product made from 100% natural ingredients.

The planet-friendly disinfectant: "We Care About Planet"

Choosing the Sanapur sanitizer means choosing a product that perfectly embodies the claim of the famous Cortina 2021 ski event: “We Care about Planet”.

Ecological, biodegradable, non-toxic, safe not only for people but also for the environment, without losing virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal efficacy and performance:

Sanapur is the naturally effective disinfectant!

Sanapur Disinfectants Medical Surgical Presidium

One of the great news of this year, in addition to the collaboration with the Cortina 2021 Alpine Skiing World Championships, is the approval of Sanapur as PMC, Medical Surgery.

Sanapur PMC is certified by the Ministry of Health as a disinfectant and identified with the number 20787; the Ministry thus recognized the disinfectant, sanitizing and sanitizing properties of Sanapur.


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