Our help has arrived in Malawi

Sanapur sanitizer has finally arrived in Malawi.

From today the entire village of Matola will have a precious tool to make the water from the wells drinkable and to allow the sanitation of public places most frequented by the population.

In particular, thanks to Sanapur, the Matola Nursery School was able to reopen in record time, guaranteeing education and sustenance for hundreds of children.

A few days ago we received a personal thanks from Father Gamba Piergiorgio who demonstrates how being able to attend school is a strongly felt need especially in these poorest and most difficult areas.

“The nursery school of Matola reopens on Monday 19, this too a choice desired by the parents

who really want at all costs that we take back. Incredible, in a few years in a savannah village

the nursery school has become an integral part of their history and they do not want to abandon it.

I have never seen parents begging us to start over, at least with the children who will have to go to first grade, but we will take them all …

We will tell you about all the sanitization material that allows us to start over.

We are the most organized kindergarten. Thank you because everything came at the right time.

See you very soon from our entire tribe

Gamba Piergiorgio “

We are happy that our gesture can improve the lives of many people.


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